Tips & Tricks

Tips for making a listing

  • Post clear pictures and an honest/clear description of your item(s). 

  • When considering the price at which to list, remember: what makes it worth it to you, and second, what is reasonable (we recommend 10-20% of MSRP).

  • When listing your “security deposit” amount, please consider what the current fair market value is of  the item in its present condition. Unreasonable list prices or security deposit prices will most likely turn off potential renters

  • You can display a rental price per day, week or month.  Use the product description field to offer the additional pricing options. (Eg: Display a price of $10/ week, use the product description to say also available for $XX per month or $XX per day.)

Negotiations via email

If you and a Renter agree on a different rental price through the chat function, simply edit your listing to reflect the agreed upon price, then accept!

It’s not just the big stuff!

Kids enjoy things of all sizes- Create a box of items and make the box available for sharing! Box up the items based on age appropriateness and offer up a “Box of toys for ____ old” (6mos old, 3yr old, etc). This goes for maternity clothes, lego sets, arts & crafts, party decor, winter clothing/snow gear, etc.

Unique Offerings

The more unique of an offering you create, the more popular the item may be. For example, you go all out putting together an amazing Pinterest inspired birthday party for your one year old and now the decor is just sitting in your closet. Box is up and create a listing “One Year Old Party In A Box”!

Keep it clean

Please be sure to wipe down and clean up any items you are lending out. Same goes for turns. Always clean an item before you return it to the Owner. Every interaction you have not only helps reduce clutter and benefits the environment, it also is an opportunity for you to create recurring revenue for your family- it all adds up! 

It’s amazing what kids play with

Kids play with everything from toys to boxes to whatever! Their imaginations grow every day. If you’re not sure about what to list on the site, just put everything into a box and list the box! It’s not always the obvious item that kids love the most - go ahead, give it a try! Also check out our list of "high interest" items, as any one of these are great to list.

Request an item

If you know of a specific item that you will need, make a request and our community of Sharers will be notified!


Connect with a local family at your final destination by booking ahead of time and get all the kids gear, toys, and strollers you need  for your stay from the community! Plan ahead by posting a request and book in advance, or simply hop online once you arrive! If you are only looking for items that are marked “delivery & pick up” (to your hotel or rental) use the filter option on the left hand side. 

Extending the rental period

If you would like to extend your rental period, first check the availability calendar on the original listing. Your item might be going to another family, in which case the original agreed upon return date needs to remain the same. If the items appears to be un-rented, contact the Owner and create a new reservation. Make sure you do not pay a second time for delivery!

Rate & Review

It is critical to the safety of all our users that you take our rating system seriously. As we grow and expand, all users will rely heavily on the rating system for trust and reassurance. Please do not forget to rate an Owner or Renter at the end of the rental period. Be honest, fair, and respectful. Admins will be reviewing ratings on a daily basis and removing users who break the Terms & Conditions or repeatedly get negative reviews. In order to have a respectiful community marketplace please follow the golden rule, 'treat others (and their things) the way you want to be treated". 

Final Tips

  • Please do not list heirloom toys or things with heavy sentimental value

  • Treat others things as if they were your own

  • Wipe down and clean up items before rental is complete, aka returning them in the condition in which they were received