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We are so excited you are here! Our goal is to make traveling with kids a little easier by connecting you with local trusted families to rent all the kid's gear you need to fully enjoy your vacation. Pack less, play more!

We know you have a lot going on, so we want to make your life easier!

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Yes, you read that correctly, you can become your own boss and earn extra income doing purpose-driven work all based around your own schedule! Work as much or as little as you like and help vacationing families have an unforgettable trip!

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We strive to give all children access to the toys and gear they need, just for the time they need it!

At The Sharing Exchange™, we are not only passionate about helping families travel lighter, our movement aims to foster deeper connections within communities while helping our youngest learners understand social rules such as give and take, helping others, cooperation, respecting and taking care of other peoples' things.

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I set out to create a safe and easy marketplace to connect families so they could access kid's gear anytime, anyplace!

In late 2016 I started The Sharing Exchange™ for two reasons. First, I was an east coast transplant living on the west coast. Traveling back and forth to visit family with my two kids meant lugging lots of toys and gear! Each trip my kids were in a new developmental stage and needed different stuff (kids grow and change so fast!). I yearned for a way to borrow what I needed from a local family, so I could access it just for the short time I needed it (no more oversized bag fees!). I knew there had to be a better way!

Then after we returned from a trip back east our baby monitor conveniently broke and we were stuck waiting 5 days (without a monitor!) for a replacement to be sent in the mail. Again, I needed short term access to a baby item but didn't want to purchase because it didn't make sense. Why couldn't I borrow a monitor from the dozens of families living in my neighborhood whose kids had outgrown theirs?

I began to realize I had all this kids gear I wasn't using every day, and could potentially help another family who had a short term need. Hello sharing economy! This is when the wheels began to turn and The Sharing Exchange™ was born! Now you can travel lighter with on-demand access to kids gear using The Sharing Exchange™! Strollers, Pack'N Plays, high chairs, and beach toys (to name a few) are all available from trusted San Diego families. We believe, "you don't have to bring everything™!"

I am so excited you are here and can't wait for you to begin using our marketplace.


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Ashley currently lives in North County, San Diego with her husband and two young daughters. She loves spending time with her family at the beach, working in her garden and connecting with people in her community!

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