How it works/FAQs

How it works
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  • Search our inventory to find what you're looking for! If you have a specific request not listed in the marketplace, call us at 760-230-3870!
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Book renting
  • Click the large blue “Rent” button on any listing and follow the instructions carefully!
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  • Confirm meet up/delivery options with the Owner and connect to collect your rented gear!
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Have fun

Kidsplay Scootye
  • Enjoy your gear and have a stress free vacation!
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Return & Review

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  • Return the items in the condition you received them and review the Owner!
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List items

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  • Select the “Post A New Listing” button and write an accurate description of your item, name a rental price and security deposit. Upload clear pictures and you're ready to go!
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Approve rentals

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  • You have three days to accept or reject a rental request. We encourage a quick response!
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  • Deliver items at the agreed upon time or meet the renter at a chosen spot.
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Earn cash

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  • The $$ is transferred to you the day the rental begins! Enjoy a date night or drink with friends!
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Pick up & Review

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  • Pick up items and inspect closely to make sure they are in the same condition as when you lent them out. Review the Renter!
Tips n trick
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures! Show photos of not just the item by itself, but also being enjoyed by your loved ones. Clear pictures make a huge difference! Black cam
  • Descriptions – Take the time to write a descriptive product title to attract attention and be sure you have a thorough description of exactly what the product is. Represent your items with accurate and clear details, and don’t forget to share any special features or functions.
  • Always offer delivery & pick up whenever possible.
  • Show up on time and be punctual.
  • Always thoroughly clean your items before a rental begins.
  • Respond to a rental request or message as soon as possible. Clear communication is best!
  • Group items together such a "bag of beach toys" or "box of bath toys" or "box of 0-12month toys".
  • When considering the price at which to list, remember: what makes it worth it to you, and second, what is reasonable. We recommend setting a daily rate.
  • When listing your 'security deposit' amount, please consider fair market value of the item in its present condition.
  • Share on Social Media – Use our icons to publish your listing to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! This promotes your items for free! Notify your network and let the echo effect help drive the interest!
  • Treat others things as if they were your own.
  • Wipe down and clean up items before rental is complete, aka returning in the condition in which you received it.
  • Always use our rate & review system at the end of the rental so we can continue to build a safe and fun community for all our users!