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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Sharing Exchange™?

The Sharing Exchange™ is an online community marketplace that allows families to rent children’s gear directly from other families! Now you can pack less and travel lighter while on the go!

Access anything you need for your kids or grandkids, just for the time you need it, from trusted families within our San Diego sharing community. Rent, play, return!  

Q: Who can use The Sharing Exchange™?

Anyone of course, but our most frequent customers are vacationing families, local grandparents or anyone hosting out of town guests!

Q: How do I create an account?

Simply sign up with Facebook or with your email address. Just follow the steps here: Sign Up

Q: What delivery methods are available?

There are 2 options available for delivery:

(1) Owner delivers and picks up the item (check listing for delivery fee) OR

(2) The two parties meet at a mutually agreed upon location (pick up at your home, a coffee shop, parking lot, etc.)

Q: What is a Trusted Parent Partner?

When you see the TPP icon on someone’s profile or listing, this is a person who has repeatedly demonstrated the highest levels of service to our sharing community!  

Q: What if I want to talk with someone/ who can I call?

Every page should have a ‘chat now’ feature where you can ask any questions 24 hours a day. We do our best to reply immediately. You can also email us by clicking here. We encourage Renter and Owners to talk through all aspects of the transaction via our messaging system. If you have tried all the options above and still need to reach someone at The Sharing Exchange, you can do so by or by calling us at 760-230-3870.

Q: Is the security deposit charged at the time of reservation?

No - The security deposit is never taken up front. It will only be charged in part or in full if you damage, steal or break the borrowed item. The Owner will need to file a claim and if the claim is substantiated, then we will charge the security deposit to the Renter. For more details about our policies, please visit or Terms & Conditions page.

Q: Is your platform safe to use? Tell me about the rating system

Yes! We do our best to deliver a safe and fun experience. We very much value your feedback and have created a two-way “Rate & Review” system to give all users a chance to document their experience and build a reputation of trust and safety within our community. We ask both Renter and Owner to review each other at the conclusion of a rental. It is critical that you are open and honest in your reviews. If everything went well, you should let others know this person can be trusted. If there were any problems, it's good to mention those as well. False or defamatory reviews will not be tolerated. A safe and fun sharing community is built on trust, respect, and solid communication, so it is important to have reviews our Users can count on. We constantly read User reviews, monitor transactions and review listings to ensure a safe community for all. Users who do not meet a minimum rating threshold will be removed from our platform. Creating a safe space for you and your stuff is our number one goal!

Q: How do I manage my listings and bookings?

Click on your profile image in the top bar and select either ‘manage listings’ if you want to see an overview of everything you have listed or “open rentals” to view your past/present reservations.

Q: How can I get more bookings?

Check out our Why Rent/Lend page, as it has a handful of great tips to maximize your sales. Offering delivery is a must and sharing about your listed inventory on social media really helps too!

Q: Do you have any general advice for Users?

All communities are based on trust.  When signing up, provide a friendly profile picture and tell people a little about yourself.  When participating in a rental, be respectful of everyone, their time and their items.  Respond promptly to rental requests and always be on time. Be mindful that the Owner may have other reservations scheduled after yours, so returning items on time is super important! Lastly - please, please, please use our two way rate/review system!  We take your feedback seriously and will be removing Users who prove to not be trustworthy.  Our goal is to create a great sharing experience for everyone. In general, we recommend following the Golden Rule!

Owner Specific Questions

Q: Pricing- how much should I charge?

We suggest setting a weekly price since our most frequent rental period is 7 days, however daily pricing works too. If you are interested in longer term rentals, set a lower monthly price. Check out other listings to see what is reasonable, but at the end of the day it is all about whatever amount motivates you to list! You can always edit your list price at anytime!

Example pricing based on popular items:


Daily Price Range

Weekly Price Range

Full Sized Crib w/mattress

$8- $12 per day

$56- 84 per week


$4- $12 per day

$28- 84 per week

Full Sized High Chair

$3- $5 per day

$20- 35 per week

Portable Crib

$3- $6 per day

$21- 42 per week

Box of Toys/Individual Toy

$2- $4 per day

$14- 28 per week

Beach Toys

$1.50 - $3 per day

$10- 21 per week

Baby Swing/Bouncer

$2 - $4 per day

$14- 28 per week

*Consider discounts on extended rentals (60 days, 90 days, 180 days)

Q: When do I get paid?

You get paid the day the rental begins! Yippee! Make sure your payment details are up to date so you can go have fun with your cash! You can either get paid directly into your bank account or set up a personal Stripe account to receive payments.

Q: How do I list an item?

You can list an item in less than a minute!

(1) Select “Post A New Listing” button in the header bar. You will then be asked to select a category (that best describes the item) and a listing type (rental or request).

(2) Write a detailed description being honest with your items condition and usability. The better description, the more likely you are to rent out the item. We only accept items that are in great condition and clean.

(3) Name your price and security deposit. Please consider the current fair market value for the item based on its condition.

(4) Select your desired delivery method (meet up or delivery). If you are willing to deliver and pick up item(s), name your delivery price. It is best to give the Renter the choice of both, however do whatever works best for you!

(5) Name your location - Enter your zip code or full address, whichever you’re most comfortable.

(6) Upload at least one authentic image of the item, however it is up to you if you want to upload more (we require at least one).

Q: What can I list?

Think of what you might need while on vacation!  Most popular items include strollers (singles, doubles, umbrella, jogging), portable cribs, high chairs, beach toys, box of toys, car seats,  baby swing, exersaucers, jumparoos, baby play gyms, baby bathtubs, box of bath toys, beach umbrella/tent, bumbo, potty, baby monitor, full sized crib, bassinet, outdoor toys.

Q: Are there any prohibited items? Things that I can not list?

Yes! Please check all recalls before listing an item. It is your responsibility to list safe, clean and non-recalled items. All users are responsible for ensuring the items they list follow all applicable state and local laws, as well our Terms and Conditions.

The following list outlines items that are prohibited on our platform. Please do not post items on this list, as this is grounds for immediate removal from our marketplace. We reserve the right to remove any item that violates our policies. Please report items on this list to: report@thesharingexchange.com.

Prohibited Items on The Sharing Exchange™:

  • Any recalled items or those that do not adhere to federal regulations and standards

  • Expired car seats. If your car seat has been in an accident (even a fender bender) you may not list it on our site.

  • Toy guns or weapons (includes fake swords)

  • Real weapons of any kind; guns, firearms or fireworks

  • Drones or any unmanned air crafts

  • Tobacco or Alcohol paraphernalia

  • Stolen goods or property

  • Cloth Diapers

  • Open System Breast Pumps

  • Stuffed animals, plush toys

  • Drop Side Cribs

  • Any profane, unlawful or obscene material 

Q: How many items can I list?

As many as you would like! We ask that you only list items you would be comfortable renting from someone yourself.

Q: How much does it cost to list an item?

Nothing! It’s free - so why not give it a try?!!

Q: Are there any transaction fees deducted from what I make?

Yes -  The Sharing Exchange takes a 12% commission fee from each transaction. This is taken out of the Owners earnings. Luckily, this is much less than most peer to peer marketplaces who traditionally take 24-28%! Yikes! The Owner also pays a 2.9%+.30  payment processing fee to Stripe Connect. 

Q: What is the best way to market my listing?

Pictures, pictures, pictures! - Show clear and beautiful photos of not just the item by itself, but also being enjoyed by your loved ones. Show the joy or functionality your listing can provide! Clear pictures make a huge difference!

Descriptions – Be sure you have a descriptive product title to attract attention and a thorough description of exactly what the product is.  Represent your items with accurate and clear details, and don’t forget to share any special features or functions.

Share on Social Media – Use our icons to publish your listing to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! This promotes your items for free! Notify your network and let the echo effect help drive the interest!

 Q: How do I make sure my stuff is returned in the condition it was lent out in?

There are no guarantees that your items will be returned in perfect condition.  After all, small children will be playing with and using your stuff. The spirit of our sharing community is that you treat someone else’s things, as if they were your own. Just like a library, you take care of the “borrowed” items until it is time to return. That being said, accidents happen. Kids can be kids. This is why we have created the security deposit feature. This allows for added security for your stuff, knowing if an accident does happen or someone chooses not to return it, you are properly compensated. Please read about “security deposits” in our Terms & Conditions before submitting a claim. Additionally, our two- way 'Rate & Review ' system will allow you to read about a renter in advance. If someone has a track record for not taking care of items, they will be removed from our platform. Furthermore, we suggest not listing items that have any type of sentimental value. These items should be treasured in your own home.

Q: What if my item is lost or never returned?

Luckily this hasn’t happened yet! Owners have 24 hours to file a claim if their stuff has been severely damaged, lost or stolen. If the claim is substantiated, the Owner will be entitled to part of, or the entirety of, the security deposit (paid by the Renter). We highly recommend filing a police report if someone has stolen your stuff and contacting us immediately. Stealing is not cool. Don’t be a thief. You will be immediately removed and permanently banned from our marketplace.

Q: How do I file a claim?

To protect everyone involved, an Owner must file a claim within 24hrs of the completion of the rental.  If 24 hours has passed then unfortunately a claim can no longer be made. At the conclusion of the rental, a “File a Claim” link will appear in your inbox below the transaction message. A claim must include at least one ‘before’ picture and at least one ‘after’ picture, in addition to a detailed description of the issue.  If your item has been stolen and is valued over $500, we ask that you include a police incident report with your claim.  Please read our Terms of Use for more information regarding our claims process.

Renter Specific Questions

Q: If I am a Renter, when do I get charged?

Just like renting a car, a pre-authorization charge will be placed on your credit card when you initially book the rental. You are then charged the full rental fee (this includes delivery and services fees) on the day your rental begins.  

Q: What if what I want is booked?

You have two options:

1) Click on the listing and it should display when the current rental is complete. You can also use the availability calendar to check for future availability.  You can always book an item in the future, as long as it is available on your desired dates.

2) Contact us and we will do our best to help source any item you may need: Please call 760-230-3870.

Q: How do I rent an item?

Click the large blue “Rent” button on any listing and follow the instructions carefully. Before you enter your credit card details to officially book the rental, we recommend massaging the Owner and asking any questions you may have. If you negotiate on price or rental terms, the Owner must update his/her listing to reflect these changes before you enter your credit card details.

Q: How do I make sure the equipment I’m borrowing is clean?

We ask that all lenders/Owners provide clean, safe, and ready to use items. If the item is not in acceptable condition when pick up, simply decline the rental and do not accept the item. Please contact us immediately if this happens, so we can monitor the situation. You can always read reviews ahead of time to make sure you are happy with the Owners past rental history.

Q: Can I rent multiple items at once?

Of course! Simply message the Owner and ask them to create a custom listing for you. The Owner will group everything together so you will only have to complete one transaction; meaning only one service fee and only one delivery/pick-up charge. Please note that the security deposit for an order with multiple items may be high, however it is not charged unless a claim is made at the end of the rental period.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

Of course! Cancellations are always allowed. To keep our marketplace a positive experience for everyone we highly discourage cancellations. Life happens and sometimes you have to cancel, but do your best to stick to your plan. When a Renter cancels, their pre-authorization fee will be released and nothing will be charged. Owners who need to cancel a previously accepted rental must notify the Renter as soon as possible. The Renter will need to cancel the rental on their end so they are not charged.

Q: What if I break/damage something?

If you break something contact the owner and let them know. Honest is always best! Per our Terms and Conditions, you may be charged part of or the full security deposit amount that was listed by the Owner. In the case of excessive soiling, Renter may be charged a ‘cleaning fee’ of $45 to return the item to its original condition. Excessive soiling may include chewing gum, vomit, crayon, markers, or other difficult to remove substances.

Q: Do I get a discount for a long-term rental?

All aspects of the rental transaction are to be discussed between the Owner and Renter. Everything is up for negotiation, simply send a message to an Owner and explain your needs and desired price point. ‘TSE’ is simply the platform that connects families, so transaction decisions are left up to you.  

Q: Are there any services fees?

Yes - The Renter is charged a $5 service fee on every transaction. This fee is only applied once if you reserve multiple item as a group.

Q: What if someone doesn’t show up?

That stinks! We strongly encourage people to be on time and respectful of everyone in our Sharing Community.  If someone flakes and is a no-show, please contact them right away and inquire as to what is going on.  After reaching out directly, please contact us and let us know what’s up, hello@thesharingexchange.com..  We will do our best to assist you in any way we can. Users who repeatedly show up late or do not show at all will be removed from our Sharing Community.