Rent baby gear from our community of trusted San Diego families and travel lighter while on the go!

  • Baby swing
  • High chair
  • Full sized crib
  • Stroller
  • Beach toys
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What is The Sharing Exchange™?

The Sharing Exchange™ is an online community marketplace that allows families to rent children’s gear directly from other families. We make traveling with kids a little easier by giving you on-demand access to the familiar items you need, just for the time you need it!

Perfect for vacationing families, local grandparents or those hosting out of town guests with kids! Our San Diego sharing community is ready to help make your vacation unforgettable!

We believe, "You don't have to bring everything™!"

What Sets Us Apart?

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High Quality Gear That is Clean and Safe

  • Our top priority is the safety of your children. We work hard to keep our marketplace a safe and fun experience for all. Clean, high-quality products is what keeps customers coming back!
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Excellent Personal Customer Service

  • The trusted families within our sharing community will go above and beyond to show you excellent customer service. They can even recommend local fun activities for you and the kids! From great communication to timely deliveries, you can count on 'TSE' families from start to finish!
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Affordable Pricing

  • Our price points are much lower than rental companies because we believe it should be affordable and easy to rent the gear you need to make vacations fun and worry free!
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Delivery & Set Up

  • Most Owners offer delivery to your final destination (hotel, rental property, grandmas house) and are even willing to meet you at the airport!
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Item Damage Guarantee

  • In the rare case that your stuff is damaged or not returned, our "Item Damage Guarantee" has you covered! Here's how it works...Owners have 24 hours to file a claim at the end of the rental period. If the claim is substantiated, the Renter will be charged the initial security deposit fee and we will transfer this money directly to you. If for any reason the Renter can't be reached, we cover anything up to $1000. So if you are worried about item damage, don't be!

What our happy customers are saying...

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"As a frequently traveling family of 4, it was amazing to get to the airport without the double stroller and extra luggage filled with toys for our recent trip to San Diego. Not only did we save money on the extra baggage fee, we also saved the headache of lugging all that stuff around with us. The Sharing Exchange took care of everything. We put in our request (double jogger, beach toys, house toys and games for a 2 and 4 YO) and everything was filled by a single family, who dropped it off and picked it up right at our condo. This experience could not have been more positive for us. We just wish it was an option everywhere we go! But next time to southern CA, we will be sure to use it again." - Ian S. (Exeter, NH)

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"Beyond happy with the service and the quality of the items! Looking forward to the growth of this company, so we can continue to use their service in other cities! Thank you for ur amazing service!" - Carolina B. (Miami, FL)

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"When I found out my brother was coming to visit I began to panic. I didn't have all the extra supplies I needed for my nephew, but then I jumped onto The Sharing Exchange and in minutes I had found a beautiful high chair and rented it for the next week. The process was easy and smooth. I really enjoyed briefly meeting the person who rented me the high chair and I was super impressed with its great quality and cleanliness. I am really thankful that a resource like this is available for my family." - Dana M. (San Marcos, CA)

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